90DaysOfDevOps - Continuous Build, Integration and Testing

90DaysOfDevOps is a 90 day journey into the world of DevOps. This year, I am contributing some articles on the topic of Continuous Build, Integration and Testing. Follow the links and start your DevOps journey.

90DaysOfDevOps is a 90-day journey into the world of Dev Ops.

It was started by Michael Cade in January 2022, who was documenting his own journey into the DevOps world.

Of course, anyone can join and follow the program any time, with any pace they want. The premise is that you can spend just 1 hour per day, learning something new and in 90 days you will have a good foundation for the DevOps practices.

This year, there is a second edition of 90 Days Of DevOps, with bigger focus on Security and DevSecOps.

I have the privilidge to be one of the contributors to this year’s edition.

My articles start from Day 14 to Day 27.

The first 7 days (14.01-20.01) cover topics about Continuous Build, Integration and Testing. The topics for each day are:

My friend Svetlomir Balevski wrote the articles on IAST and DAST.

If you want to dive into the DevOps world, go to GitHub and start the program now. You will have a great time and learn a lot.